Happy Customers Bring Happy Customers.

Six degrees of separation and the world will know about WRFX.

Affiliate Program

Trading Accounts Generates Commissions

Every customer obviously generates a commission for WhiteRavenFX. This commission is so interesting because of the passive risidual income.

Happy customers stay customers, even when our customers make withdrawals, most of them will probably still leave their original deposit in place to have it grow again.

Some even don't touch the capital and take full advantage of 'the compounding effect'. This means that commissions on these accounts only Grow in time with normal software operations and normal market conditions.

5-Tier Affiliate Payout

The satisfied customers are our best marketing strategy. We don't need aggressive sales strategies, we just show results!

This is a duplication chain that naturally grows, not only in number of accounts, but also in volumes traded.

We've moduled our Affiliate System to reflect this effect. 5-Tiers payout means you're paid on your personal customers and also on their referrals, and so on, and so on, ...

Affiliate Bonus Programs

The financial nature of the product requires a good follow-up. Therefor we added extra bonuses for affiliates who become savvy in the operational aspect of our company, our product or Forex in general.

Mind you! This is not an automated system. Management will always play a key-roll in selecting these individuals. Everyone is eligible, but our selection criteria are rigorous. On the other hand the rewards are equally interesting.